Since I left my country, I was focus to spread the idea of the “original” Italian pizza; traditional (typical from the north of Italy) and Neapolitan. I then came across different pizza styles and I started to study them. Finding a renewed passion for learning something new. My bakery background helped me a lot to do that.

History teaches us, that evolution and innovation start from what is possible at a given moment.
The same happened everywhere for pizza. The Neapolitan pizza was born as an evolution of the piece of bread that bakers were using to check the oven temperature. In Neapolitan dialect called “piezz”. Only after tomato started to be imported to Italy the dish evolved into the actual pizza we know today.


This website is born with the idea to share my studies. I believe evolution also depends on networks.
This is my way of trying to do my part by creating a place where people come and share their knowledge.. For everyone’s benefit.

Your comments, suggestions and advices are always welcome.
Keep in touch and enjoy your baking.


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