The Bake Nouveau idea

The art of Bake Nouveau book cover
The art of Bake Nouveau book cover

Inspired by the French “Art Nouveau,”
“Bake Nouveau” aims to create contemporary bake goods, uniques, respecting the craft and the ingredients.

I came out with this idea by putting together different things…

Where does the “Bake Nouveau” name come from?

My hometown

I grew up in a little city in the north of Italy. Less than 6000 people live there, but, despite the size, this small village is famous worldwide because of the water. I come from San Pellegrino Terme.
There is something else that makes this city worth of note; I am talking about the Liberty style: the Italian version of the most popular, French, Art Nouveau.

San Pellegrino is packed with “Stile Liberty” decoration. Starting from the old casino, also represented on the water label. The grand hotel, and several other, less known, buildings.

Foto in front of the Liberty style casino in San Pellegrino Terme.

The Art Nouveau

The Art Nouveau aimed to modernize the art, taking inspiration from the organic and natural form.
This movement was born during the Era when “mass production” was taking place.
The industrial revolution began in the 1950s. At that time, many people felt rich and wanted to have things that before only the rich could afford. And here you go: the mass production made everyone’s dreams come true; imitation of the luxury products became affordable to everyone.
The quality was not so important anymore.

Artisans were, obviously, disappointed. So they started to look back at the arts before the industrial revolution. Slowly they started to work on a new idea of art: the Art Nouveau. To “fight back” against the spread of automated production.

Today’s similarity

I really like the historical context where the Art Nouveau was born, and I feel that nowadays, we are in the same spot, but from a food perspective.
From here, the idea of the “Bake Nouveau.” An Art of Baking aiming to create unique products, every time, respecting the craft and the ingredients. Without shortcut. A kind of fight against the food mass production.
Bake Nouveau represents this idea, and Bake Theorists are the ones working on it.

This is very theoretical, I know. I only faced the practical part in the “Bake Nouveau” book.

Industrial operation is based on two principles:
1) the division and specialization of human labour
2) the use of automated tools in the production of standard (all looking the same) products. 
Mass production mainly uses timers and repetition of the same actions.

Bake Nouveau is based on 2 principles too:
1) the artisan knowledge of the craftsman
2) The smart use of modern tools in the production of unique products.
A bake theorist mainly uses the overall human senses to reach the final product he aims to.

You are probably wondering why I mentioned “modern tools” in the 2nd principles.
The reason is simple.
I have to say that Art Nouveau was an artistically colossal success. However, it was a social failure: utterly luxurious and costly.
In order to have a better destiny for the “Bake Nouveau,” I think it makes sense to consider the use of modern tools: not to shortcut the production, but to improve the overall final quality.

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