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Get the cool checklist for video making: from preparation to editing

Each of us at least once in our lives has been overcome by fear before starting work, because it is at these moments the volumes seem simply overwhelming.

That's why we decided to create for you a detailed checklist, so that you can create a transcription of audio or video material using Transcriber transcription or do the work and do not forget anything (:

The search for an order, coordination of all terms, preparation for installation and final work on the clip - all actions from beginning to end, we described in this article.

Searching for the order
In order to find the customer, you must first decide on the direction of the work that you're ready to perform.

Now there are several directions in which you may need editing. These are:

mobile applications;
blogs on Youtube;
commercials for companies;
Videos for social networks.
Once specific areas have been identified, you can look for customers directly for them.

Where and how can this be done?
on social networks or in the comments under thematic videos;
on the job search platforms Youdo Upwork;
by posting your portfolio in thematic groups.
Once you've found a job, it's important not to skip the preproduction stage. (Yes, yes, there is one in editing, too!)

Pre-production in editing.
Find the right reference.
In order to peek at cool ideas for inspiration, you need references. You can find them on, the 24FPS groups, DSLR UNIQUE.

Come up with a concept, a basic idea.
At this stage you should understand how to use, because knowing how to work your own or other people's speech into a text is very important, and you also need material on which you will rely later. Think of the video style, its semantic load, and how you will achieve it.

Find the right music
Important! The copyright should allow you to use this track in your video. We talked about sites with free music here.

Find the right footage to match your video
For this task you can use sites like filmsupply.

Deadline and Redline
The first, or rather zero, what you should do is to limit yourself in time, even if the customer did not do it.

Be sure to set yourself a deadline, which is the day the entire project is due, and just as importantly, set your own deadlines for redlines.

Redlines are your personal deadlines. Break the project up into segments and set deadlines for each part-it will help you avoid the situation where you finish everything the night before the project is due.)

Make a soundtrack for your video
Pick the music so that the soundtrack is a roller coaster for the viewer. That is, it would make him experience emotions not once for the whole video, and change his mood and emotions throughout the video.

One option: a catchy beginning, a development, a rest (drop), a rise in mood again, a climax, a smooth ending.

Sketch out the main shots that will make up the structure of your video and reflect the main idea
Try to use plans with the same characters, subjects, but with different zooms;
Do not forget about the exposure and ending (general plan);
Work on anchor points that are sure to be in the video.
To fill your video, find the very shots that will fit organically with the "anchor" shots
Yes, you'll have to work and go through the frames in the most different order, but it's the painstaking work that will make your video quality and impressive.

Use a voiceover if you have to.

Make a sound design.
Music isn't the only thing that should be in your video. Sounds make your video livelier and more cohesive, add energy and help set accents - don't forget about them.

Find free sounds for your videos at this site:

Make a transcription
This is a very important point, do not forget to work with formats like audio to text translation by it's very necessary for further promotion, and just convenient for your use.

Add effects!
Make a cherry on top of your resulting cake! Add effects to your video, but don't overdo it, each effect should look organic and be in its place.

Important: Remember the style of your video. In order to stick to it, Sabatovsky has a great rule: "If you added an effect to your video, it should be repeated in it again".

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