pizza class

One day professional course

During this Neapolitan pizza class, we will strictly follow the “Neapolitan disciplinare” also known by its acronym AVPN (Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana) to prepare the real Neapolitan pizza from scratch.
You will handmade prepare the dough, prepare the pizza and cook it following the Neapolitan tradition, learning a few tips to recreate the experience at your home.

In short, the disciplinare’s rules that we are going to follow are:

Dough ingredients: water, 00 flour, salt, yeast.
Condiments (for the Margherita): Hand-crushed peeled tomato, strips chopped Fior di Latte, Pecorino grated cheese, fresh basil leaves, extra virgin olive oil.
Cooking: The cooking must be done in an AVPN-approved oven, which has reached a temperature of 400°C (750ish F). At this temperature, the pizza cooks for about 90 seconds.
Final product characteristics:
Neapolitan pizza is an artisan product, so each pizza is unique.
The pizza has to be easy to fold (Pizza Portafoglio), without creating crumbles.
The crust has to be 1-2 cm high and puffed up. Golden colour with few burns and bubbles. The underneath part should be golden without strong burns.
The crust should deliver the favour of well-prepared, baked bread. This mixed with the
slightly acidic favour of the tomatoes, and the respective
aroma of basil and the cooked mozzarella, ensures that the pizza, as it emerges from the oven, delivers its characteristic aroma. Finally, the oil emulsifies and contributes to the uniform cooking of the ingredients.

at this link, you can have a look at the Neapolitan discipliare detailed rules

Neapolitan pizza class vancouver BC

At the end of the Neapolitan pizza class, you will take home your dough and all the recipes, in order to repeat the experience in your kitchen.

By the end of the course, you will be able to:

Master the techniques for making soft & moist Neapolitan pizza dough, and how to stretch it like a professional pizzaiolo.

Know the importance of choosing the right ingredients: tomato sauce, Fior di Latte, seasoning, olive oil, and the right kind of flour to use based on your goals.

Understand the different methods for baking pizza: the crucial importance of the cooking temperature and how it affects the final product. Knowing that you can still have a great pizza, even without the peculiarity of the Neapolitan one.

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