Pizza Romana style

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The Pizza Romana style is a skinny crust pizza with a consistent crunchy note.
The ingredients are spread to the very edge.
The disc must be about 30 centimetres in diameter, and there are no traces of flour on the edge nor the base.

Pizza Romana

It’s impressive how many styles of pizza using a word connected to Rome: Teglia Romana; Pala Romana; Pizza Romana; Pinsa Romana… Some of these styles are so different that sometimes people get confused.
A teglia Romana, for example, is a deep dish; a pizza Romana, on the other hand, is a super-thin layer of dough, thinner than a cracker.

Pizza Romana style VS Neapolitan

The appearance

Someone in Italy referred to Pizza Romana as “pizza bassa” (low pizza). To distinguish it from the “pizza alta” (high pizza – the Neapolitan style).

The Cornicione

Neapolitan cornicione is soft, comfortable to bend, and it is relatively tall.
Pizza Romana cornicione is super thin, crunchy, and it almost crumbles when folded.

pizza romana style
pizza romana style, no flop

The dough

The Pizza Romana dough has oil in it.
The dough ball is way lighter, in terms of grams than a Neapolitan

The baking

Both Neapolitan pizza and Romana pizza cook in a wood fire oven.
Both of them get lightly charcoal on the crust, but in a different way.
The Neapolitan style pizza cooks in around 90 seconds.
The Pizza Romana cooking time is way longer; it could be 5 minutes!!. The longer cooking time allows the crust to get dry and crispy. Obviously, the oven temperature is lower than the Neapolitan one: for the Romana, we are talking about 350 C. 662 F.

Stretching technique

The pizza Romana is stretched with a rolling pin.
This way to open the dough ball allows the pizza chef to create a paper-thin layer.