Pizza Romana

It’s impressive how many styles of pizza use a word connected to Rome: teglia Romana, pala Romana, pizza Romana, pinsa Romana… some of these styles are so different that sometimes people get confused. A teglia Romana, for example, is a deep dish; a pizza Romana, on the other hand, is a super-thin layer of pizza, thinner than a cracker.

Pizza Romana is a round pizza with a super thin base.someone in Italy referred to this kind of pie as “pizza bassa” (low pizza) to distinguish it from the “pizza alta” (high pizza – the Neapolitan style).
The main difference in the pizza Romana dough, compared to the Neapolitan one, is in the addition of oil. other differences are the hydration content and fermentation time.
The main similarity between pizza Romana and Neapolitan: both of them are cooked in a wood fire oven. Both of them get lightly charcoal on the crust, but in a different way.