Teglia Romana

pizza taglio teglia romana

Teglia Romana means “Roman pan”.
Al taglio means “by the cut.”

Teglia Romana, or “al Taglio”

It’s a deep-dish pizza baked in rectangular trays.
The most common sizes, in cm, are 60×40, 60×20, 30×20.
This kind of pizza is generally sold in rectangular slice by weight (even if nowadays is very common to have the price per slice). It’s baked in an oven without any fire, usually an electric one.

Teglia romana
This is the structure of a cooked Teglia Romana dough base. I made it in my family bakery in San Pellegrino Terme, using Molino Pasini flour.

The origin

The trend started in Rome, around 1950, in some bakeries.
The first teglia Romana pizzas were a big fiasco. The dough was weighty, without a proper maturation and quite dense.
By the time the bakers worked a lot to improve the final product. They started to add more water to the dough, increasing the fermentation time and developing proper stretching techniques.
The final product soon turned into a lighter, crunchy and easy to digest deep dish pizza.
The improvements trend continues nowadays (with contemporary big chef’s name like Gabriele Bonci or Massimo Bosco) by using ancient grains. Or by changing the fermentation time. Or also by matching a multitude of different toppings to create a real gourmet experience.

these are “blue” metallic pan for Teglia Romana

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Teglia Romana at Sapore di Pane bakery, in San Pellegrino Terme