Teglia Romana

pizza taglio teglia romana

Teglia Romana means “Roman pan”.
Al taglio means “by the cut.”

Teglia Romana, or “al Taglio”

Teglia Romana” refers to the rectangular pan that is used to bake the pizza, and “al taglio” refers to the fact that the pizza is cut to order, and sold by the slice.

It’s a deep-dish pizza baked in rectangular trays, with the most common sizes being 60×40 cm, 60×20 cm, and 30×20 cm. This pizza is usually sold in rectangular slices by weight, although nowadays it is becoming more common to have a price per slice. Additionally, deep-dish pizza is typically baked in an oven without any fire, usually an electric one.

Teglia romana
This is the structure of a cooked Teglia Romana dough base. I made it in my family bakery in San Pellegrino Terme, using Molino Pasini flour.

The origin

The origin of Teglia Romana pizza dates back to Rome around 1950 when it first appeared in some local bakeries. However, the initial attempts were unsuccessful as the dough was weighty, poorly matured, and quite dense. Over time, the bakers worked to improve the product by adding more water to the dough, increasing the fermentation time, and developing proper stretching techniques. These efforts resulted in a lighter, crunchy, and more easily digestible deep-dish pizza. Today, this trend continues with renowned chefs like Gabriele Bonci and Massimo Bosco experimenting with ancient grains, changing fermentation times, and offering a multitude of gourmet toppings to enhance the overall experience.

these are “blue” metallic pan for Teglia Romana

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Teglia romana
Teglia Romana at Sapore di Pane bakery, in San Pellegrino Terme
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