Teglia Romana course

This post is about the “Teglia Romana pizza course.”
It is related to the recipe on page 68 of my book Bake Nouveau.

In order to keep everyone at a safe distance and, at the same time, enjoy the course, I decided to design several stations with the following setup.

The grey big rectangle represents the table. All the tools and ingredients are on it.


For the dough

  • Strong flour
  • water
  • instant yeast
  • sea salt

For the pizza tasting

  • Pre-cooked teglia romana base
  • San Marzano tomatoes
  • Treccia cheese
  • Basil
  • Maldon
  • Evo oil

On top of the ingredients that I listed, you will taste and compare 2 different olive oil.

At the end of the course, all the ingredients will be available to purchase at a discounted price.

About Teglia Romana recipe

The Teglia Romana dough is probably the most complicated one in the book. Also, one of the most satisfying to reach out.
It is silky and smooth and soft. It stretches like a cloud dancing under your fingertips. But it needs extra care.

In this course, we will prepare the dough by hand, and you will take it home to ferment for the next day.
I will provide, then, a pre-cooked Teglia Romana dough base. You will add toppings, and we will gently warm-up, in a Breville Pizzaiolo oven. Just enough to bring back the crispiness of the just-baked bread and gently melt the treccia cheese on top. You will finish the product with Maldon salt, basil and my monthly choice of imported extra virgin olive oil.

There are essentially 2 ways to develop gluten strength for the teglia Romana dough.
1- By constant friction
2- By dough laminating and resting time.
We are going to work on the second option. Hence we will have a lot of “mix and rest.”
Consequently, during the resting time, we will compare and taste 2 olive oil. We will talk about the flours and the fermentation process.

Book your seat… hmmm, no; we all will stand: there is too much work to do!!
Ergo, book your “stand spot” at the ICC.
See you there.