The Book

The art of Bake Nouveau

The book “The Art of Bake Nouveau” is available worldwide, but only in its English version, at the moment.
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The manual that wants to be a book

To call it “book” may be pretentious.
Nowadays, culinary books are abundant in photos. They count on quality designers; several minds are involved. Brilliant minds, sometimes.
The modern books are colourful, gigantic. You put them on the library shelf, and they help you to elevate your home atmosphere.
Sometimes you read them. Taking extra care in turning the pages.

Eheheh, it is funny.
I am writing all of these things, and I am watching my culinary bookshelf: nodding and smiling like a fool.

My book is something different. At least, I made it thinking to a different “purpose.”
I like to think that every single Art Nouveau’s book, in the end, will take its reader’s shape.

What do I mean by saying that?
Bake Nouveau’s book was born as a manual. Only after a while, I started to call it “book.”
It has been created as a “weapon” that you can (and should) carry with you into the baking battle; with a size to fit in your pocket. It is something that you read before and during your cooking… and then, you take notes on it.
It will be scratched, ruined, heavily wrinkled. Squeezed like a lemon, and hopefully, the juice of it will feed your passion… and your passion will become quality.

“The Art of Bake Nouveau” book.
Order your copy from your preferred marketplace.