The Art of
Bake Nouveau

What if we start making what we feel?

The mass-production comes from rules.
The craftsmanship comes from creativity applied to rules.


Inspired by the Art Nouveau movement (1890 – 1914), I came out with a baking idea that aims to embrace all the new changes in our era, combining them with old traditional recipes.
Bake Nouveau is the art of evolving old artisan recipes into modern healthy goods. The bakers who follow this working path are BAKE THEORISTS: they use their senses rather than strict rules.

The baking recipes are like the street lamps: they light up our way into the night, but we are the ones who need to walk through.

The bake nouveau idea

The Neapolitan pizza: artisan example

an artisan history

I have to say. I really like the Neapolitan pizza. Not just the pizza itself, or the way it is made. I am talking about the history of the product.
Neapolitan pizza is a great example of artisan-made good!

the oven

The Neapolitan oven is a piece of art. Artisan-made, of course. With the perfect dome curvature, to almost wrap the woodfire, ensuring heat refraction on the oven’s floor.

the baking stone

The baking stone is also artisan-made!! Maybe you did not know it.
The best surface to cook pizza on is the “Biscotto.” Yes! Like “cookie” in Italian: Biscotto.
“Biscotto di Sorrento” and “Biscotto di Casapulla” are the 2 most famous. But in America, we know it as Biscotto Saputo.
Saputo is the name of one of the artisans who produce it.

I compared these different cooking surfaces in my Italian blog.

the pizza

Another interesting thing: all the pizzas are unique!!. Yes, they are like snowflakes.
You maybe think that Neapolitan pizza is round shape. Meah!! Almost. Neapolitan pizza is “kind of” round.
It looks like that if a pizza goes into the oven with a perfectly round shape, the pizza chef tries to give it a little damage on the cornicione, with the spinner, to weird up the circle.
Domin’s pizzas, on the other hand, are all created all equals, perfectly round in shape.

This is beautiful. This is art.